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Welcome. we are so glad you've come

Thank you for reaching out. I am thrilled to start the buying or selling journey with you. As a passionate home-seeker, home-improver, lover of architecture and design, curious landscaper and landscape appreciater, and ardent mountain girl and foodie, I like to think I have a sense for the passion that drives you. From here, my goal is to understand you on an altogether more sophisticated level. I want to understand what you're looking for; your hopes, dreams, wants, needs, concerns and questions. Then, once we are truly on the same page, we can head confidently in the direction of your dreams - whether that means finding your ideal buyer, finding just the right new home, or something else completely.

I look forward to serving you and promise to do it in good faith, with great tenacity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Warm regards,


"Bethany’s performance was superb! She contacted me frequently with pertinent updates and always provided prompt responses to any questions. If there was ever any uncertainty involved, she did not hesitate to confer with her colleagues to ensure we were on the right track. The process of our purchase involved many moving parts, including a low credit score and a retired co-borrower. Bethany recommended a fantastic lender who could accommodate our circumstance, she communicated efficiently between all parties, and she anticipated obstacles before they arose. When she was unexpectedly unable to attend our inspection, she coordinated with her team to ensure we were taken care. The process was seamless." - Julie A, Aurora