Your Real Estate Guru

Bethany is a born-and-bred Colorado native who hails from the mountain town of Dillon, Colorado. Bethany grew up skiing, sledding, trail running, sneaking into resort hot tubs, and dreaming of international adventures. Although she’s lived as far afield as Seville, Spain; Pichilemu, Chile; Williamsburg, VA and most recently Boston, MA, Bethany always seems to find her way back to Colorado. 

Bethany is, in a word, versatile. With a deep marketing background in luxury travel, hospitality and real estate, an MA in English Lit, and years of freelance writing and college teaching experience, Bethany thrives in high-paced environments, understands what it takes to get the right messaging to the right audience, and loves flexing and adapting to suit a specific client or situation. Part air traffic controller, part consensus builder, and part storyteller, Bethany’s favorite projects and people are the ones that challenge her to think outside of the box. 

A naturally-inclined “hunter and gatherer,” Bethany genuinely enjoys searching on her clients’ behalf, whether that means sifting through dozens of options to find a home that checks all of the boxes for a buyer, or working with a seller on thoughtful staging and photography that helps craft a compelling home story. 

As a true-blue Coloradoan, Bethany loves this little corner of the world, and she can’t wait to share all of the knowledge she’s gathered in the last 30+ years. A self-professed Wash Park/Platt Park expert, Bethany wants to tell you about Taco Tuesday at Adelita’s (stop by the brewery next door for award-winning wild and sour ales), the tortilla española sandwich at the Vert Kitchen, and where to find the best chai tea latte. And, as a Morrison homeowner, mom and dog lover, Bethany also wants to tell you all about the West side: the best schools, how to access private hiking trails and dog-friendly open spaces, and the most scenic neighborhoods in the area. 

Whatever your reason to buy, sell, or simply start asking questions, Bethany is committed to making the process easy, fun, and productive. She will give you her undivided attention; advocate for you; listen carefully; and leave no stone unturned. Welcome to the family. We’re so glad you came!